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Entering the world of blogs is a little daunting but I am sure it will be second nature in no time.  Although the blog is new the business actually isn't - we celebrated our 2 year birthday in February. We've learnt a lot over the 2 years and at the core of our business is quality fabrics, at competitive prices with excellent service - the old fashioned kind of service where customers matter and we do what we can to help.  We know the little things matter so we pay attention to the details and do small things to help make your sewing projects that much easier.  We also do business with manufacturers and wholesalers who have the similar values.

I wanted to share with you some news that we are really pleased about - advertising.  You can find our adverts in current issue of Make it Today Dressmaker and the upcoming issue of Love Patchwork Quilting Magazines.  Art Gallery fabrics are premium quality and that really shows when working with them, they really are a joy to use.  Why not try them and you will see and feel the quality for yourselves, we have a wide range in stock. 

Manchester Quilting Bee, which if you don't know is a large drive within the sewing community to make 4.5" (finished) hexies and sew onto 6.5" squares - they will then all be sewn together and turned into quilts.   All the details can be found here.

Quilts are so special - the time, effort and love that goes into them, along with the feel you only get from a quilt, they are unique.  For me and my family they are much more comforting than a blanket - we have an ever growing stack of quilts in different sizes and thicknesses. These special quilts, made by people all over the world will give a very strong and positive message to the families affected by the Manchester Arena attack and one that hopefully will stay with the family​ for a very long time.

Personally, I truly believe if we all come together and do our little something then collectively it will be something huge and remarkable, sending a strong message of love, unity and peace.  

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